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A new Start

Been a long while but it’s time to restart my Excellence by Design blog. Why am I restarting and why has it been so long since I posted?

The last decade or so I’ve been too busy actually performing consulting and coaching in Excellence by Design to post anything. About six months ago I retired from full time work (Yea!) and it’s given me some time to think through my past, the whole concept of Excellence by Design, and come to some conclusions around it moving forward.

As a result, I see more and more applications for the concepts in Excellence by Design. So I’ll use this new blogging energy to post on a wider variety of topics related to Excellence by Design. Just a few of the topics I’ve been very interested in more recently include:

  • ChatGpt and the explosion of practical uses of ‘AI’ technology
  • The expansion of Electric Vehiccles…and the tech to support them
  • Digital Music Streaming
  • Climate Change
  • Politics, Religion, and much more!

But if you want to see some of my old, wise (!) posts…

keep scrolling below for posts circa 2009-2012

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