About VPL

Visioneering Partners Limited was formally founded in 1996 with the mission to drive Innovation, Optimization, and Transformation. The company specializes in systemic improvements to improve product innovation and services optimization and ultimately help transform organizations.

We work with senior executives and staff to assess areas for improvement and recommend actions to improve product capability, scalability, and market attractiveness, and increase organizational performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

We can provide this via consulting engagement, interim management, or contracted services. We also provide ongoing coaching and mentoring so our clients improve their organization’s ability to sustain and extend these improvements.

Since it’s founding VPL creative work has touched on a variety of areas:

  • IT Strategy: VPL has assisted large IT organizations revise and implement their strategy through projects and senior management coaching.
  • Service Management: VPL has worked with several large enterprises for technology consolidation, improved process execution, and grown organizational collaboration to reduce costs, speed time to delivery, and improve quality of services. At one Fortune 10 firm VPL members helped introduce pioneering implementations of cloud computing.
  • Solution Design: VPL has helped large enterprises guide their IT related investments to ‘design in’ better capability and agility, with reduced costs and increased quality.
  • Portfolio Management: VPL helped better align investments and efforts to achieve strategic impact and maximize ROI at one firm, which served as a core component of their successfull transformation and revitalization of the firm.
  • Climate Sustainability: VPL worked with a startup firm to develop a leading edge product now successfull worldwide in simulating climate change dynamics and used by governments to negotiate carbon reductions.
  • Biotechnology Strategy: VPL has worked with startups in this industry to ‘design in’ information technology strategies into their products.

VPL offers services focused on driving strategic and systemic improvement in companies through product innovation, service optimization, and growing your strategic business value. Contact us to discuss on how we can help address your challenges and assist you and your business. While our experience spans a wide range of topics and we customize our services for each client, some examples of services currently offered are:

Product Innovation – Designing products for greater success

  • Product Strategy – developing a product strategy to enable growth and incremental innovation
  • Designing for Change – designing products for greater technology capability and innovation
  • Building an ecoSystem – growing and enabling an ecosystem of partners for innovation
  • Sustainability – methods to improve your businesses longevity and environmental impact

Service Optimization – Running the business more effectively

  • Organizational Leadership – growing a culture of continuous improvement
  • Lean Business – a formal approach to streamline operations, lower costs, and improve quality
  • Portfolio Management – improving investment prioritization and synergy
  • Globalization – leveraging global capability to expand your business
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